About us


For far too long it’s frustrated us that the word ‘treat’ has often been taken out of context. For many the word treat means momentarily straying from sensible thinking, nutritional balance and appropriate ingredients to offer something that produces a fleeting, albeit larger-than-life flavour rush.

Many justify this momentary lapse of concentration by telling themselves that treats are a, ‘once in a blue moon,’ slip that brings some much deserved extra joy into their pets’ lives.

There are two glaring holes with such thinking:

  • Treats have a tendency to be anything but occasional
  • Treats are perfectly entitled to be good for you

We believe that the right treat needn’t be either a guilt trip or a rare occurrence, which is why we only use human-grade, ethically-sourced ingredients.

Our hand-baked dog treats offer more than their fair share of ‘flavour joy’ being made from free-range liver and or premium meats, fish, vegetables  and non-GMO/irradiated herbs spices and oils all sourced right here in the UK!

We never dabble with any dubious, ‘bulking up’ meat or vegetable by-products and stubbornly refuse to add salt, sugar or grim artificial nasties.

In other words, we believe in the true dictionary definition of treat:

‘something out of the ordinary that provides real pleasure.’


My eureka came courtesy of an agitated fellow pet lover warning me off a pack of mass-produced dog treats that I’d unwittingly popped inside my shopping basket. Her tale revolved around the unnecessary addition of salt and sugar that she believed to be a cynical wheeze aimed at beefing up the flavour cues in an otherwise forgettable medley of half-hearted ingredients.

I fled the supermarket and headed for my local independent pet store, (followed by a nearby vets) confident that such ’wise sage’ establishments would peddle an altogether superior selection of treats and yet once again I was wrong!

By now a niggling thought was whirring around my head. Why, in a world where interesting food choices are all around us, should my dogs have to settle for insipid, second-rate snacks?

This is the point when I mention that I am the proud owner of a stone deaf Golden Retriever with an infuriating indifference to food. This means I’ve never found a pet shop treat that has come even close to convincing her that it’s time to head home from a walk.

We decided to produce a homemade snack that appealed to my fussy friend’s finicky ways and although we took a fair number of wrong turns, eventually we stumbled across a winning recipe that soon had us dutifully making bags of treats for all my fellow walkers.

Four years down the line we stock all manner of thoughtful, pet-centric establishments from pet shops, pubs and whole-food stores through to vets, garden centres and community stores.


In a world where humans are finally coming to terms words like wholesome, healthy living and artisan, it seems a little odd that so many dogs continue to consume unsavoury snacks made from dubious, ‘chemistry set’ ingredients.

For far too long, pets that deserved so much more from their doting owners were unwittingly being served a grim, brightly-coloured kaleidoscope of bizarre, synthetic shapes made from bottom-of-the-bin meat derivatives, salt, sugar, cheap filler grains and the odd test tube of quick fix ‘artificial nasties’ (flavourings, colourings and preservatives……)!

Thankfully the penny has finally dropped with a mushrooming pet obesity epidemic and escalating vet bills providing us with a timely reminder that convenient, quick-fix solutions rarely work out for the best.

The Dog Treat Company is a conscientious, family-run business where phrases like great taste, nutritional integrity, thoughtful recipes, beneficial herbs & human-grade ingredients still ring true.

Whether you’ve opted for our Count Dogular halloween treat or our ‘Run Free’ joint and bone care with devil’s claw root, turmeric and a pinch a black pepper, rest easy in the knowledge that each and every one of our recipes has been given an enthusiastic thumbs up by a wise, in-the-know canine nutritionist.

You can also learn more about us by reading our “Who are we?” and our “How did our story start?” video blog posts.