14 Jun 2018


As a doggie treat company we only ever include tasty human grade ingredients in our range so you can be sure your dog has the healthy snacks around but for all the other bits in life, here are our 11 top tips for a how to keep your dog happy and healthy! 



Just like us humans, undertaking some form of daily exercise is imperative to mental and physical well-being is key to your dog’s health. The amount and range of activity required of course depend on your dog’s breed and age and will need to be adjusted to your dog’s needs and requirements and of course be designed to fit around your lifestyle too. Walking your dog should be fun for both of you, and if you get bored with your walk, then the likelihood is that you both need a change of scenery so try to add some variety to your dog walks by investigating new places or terrine. A woodland walk can be a refreshing change for your both if the local park or farmers fields are the norm. 



Dogs are by nature, pack animals so ensure that your dog has plenty of human company and interaction. Being left alone for hours at a time is unfair for your dog and can lead to undesirable behaviour such as barking, whining and chewing, which can be hard habits to break. If you regularly leave your dog alone for long periods, consider doggy daycare as an option, this way your dog will get the mental stimulation and walking he needs so that you can both relax and unwind when you get home in the evening. 



And the same applies to our canine friends. From his main meals through to his doggie treats, you need to ensure that your dog is eating the right type of food and the right amount. Issues such as skin rashes on dogs or digestive problems such as your dog exhibiting dog colitis symptoms can all be aggravated by your dogs’ diet. Some ingredients to avoid include chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, cooked bones, chives, xylitol (often found in butter), blue cheese, corn on the cob, macadamia nuts, walnuts, salts, coffee and caffeine, alcohol, apricot pits, avocado and large quantities of garlic amongst others.


It’s important that your dog has his or her bed thoughtfully positioned away from draughts or direct heat and away from the main hustle and bustle of the house, so that if he needs to take a cat nap (Did someone mention the word cats?!) then he can do so in peace. Teaching children to leave the dog alone if he is on his bed is also important so that your dog has his own ‘sanctuary’ to reside and relax in without being disturbed. 



Your dog will be a joy to have around and also be a much happier dog if you invest the time in training him. Being able to recall your dog across the park. Teaching him not to jump up at people when he greets them or teaching him not to pull on the lead are all basic but pretty vital things which you need to teach your dog. You also need to be consistent in your training as well: Allowing him to jump on the sofa for example to have a cuddle is fine if you are happy for him to do that when you have guests but if you don’t, then think about how confusing that is for your dog – in his mind he’s allowed to sofa surf frequently, so why not now?  



All dogs love to play, and playtime is your chance to have some real fun with your dog! Whether it’s a tug of war game with a toy, a game of fetching the ball or food and find puzzle task, there are lots of great games you can have fun together with. Finding out what motivates your dog and gets him or her excited and wanting to play is also good to know as a training reward, so if your dog loves a tug toy, then using one as a reward in training is brilliant. 

Try and make time to play with your dog daily, a few minutes of one to one intense play session helps build that bond between you both.  



We all know most dogs love to drink dirty pond water or puddles but offering your dog access to clean, fresh water at all other times is critical to your dog’s health, but you also need to consider the actual bowl you choose to offer it in as well. Choose a non-slip bowl that is easy for the dog to drink from and large enough for the dog to get his head down and drink plentifully is important. Checking the water bowl twice a day is important, especially in hot weather and giving them a good scrub weekly will ensure that they stay clean and don’t harbour bacteria. 



Taking your dog along to the vets for an annual health check is a good idea regardless of his age or breed. The once-over from the vet will be welcome reassurance that your pooch is in excellent health or pick up on any subtle changes you might not have spotted. With any medical conditions the earlier it is noted, the quicker it can be treated and hopefully the recovery period particularly speedy. 



The Dog Treat Company pooches love to socialise with each other, but there is nothing they enjoy more than meeting and playing with new fur friends in the park. Allow time in your dog walk to let your dog off the lead and have some fun with a like-minded (and compatibly sized) dog. It gives you a chance to chat with new people and your dog the opportunity to make a new friend and burn off some of that energy! 



Just as it’s unhealthy for humans to carry excess weight, the same applies to your dog. Managing your dog’s weight is especially important most vets have a weight chart which helps with pinpointing your dog’s ideal weight. Some tips include making sure the treats you are giving you pup doesn’t  contain any added salts or sugars and are indeed intended for your dog …. in other words not made for humans. Whilst it may seem the most natural and kindest thing in the world; sharing your food with your furry friend often, our foods contain ingredients such as salts, sweetners and other products that are simply not good for dogs or contain excessive amounts of fat!



Whether your dog is short or long-haired, a daily groom is an excellent way to check him over properly and feel for any lumps or bumps or spot insect bites, lumps, ticks or fleas early!  Choose a dog brush suitable for the job and don’t forget to check his or her eyes, ears, paws and pads and teeth during the season. Ensuring that your dog’s toenails don’t grow too long is important as well, and if you are nervous about clipping these yourself, your local dog groomers or your vet will be able to undertake this job for you. 


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