Our treats are all made from the finest ingredients sourced right here in the UK. As is all of our packaging! We do not add any salts, sugars or dyes to any of our delicious treats. All of our treats are both Grain & Gluten free.

Our treats are slowly hand-baked which intensives the flavour and allows them to retain their nutritional value. Preserving in this way not only inhibits the growth of microforms such as bacteria but also affords us a long shelf life without adding any chemical preservatives. All of our teats are naturally low in fat and high in yumminess for your four-legged friend.

So whether your buying our Run Free liver treat with added devils claw root, turmeric and black pepper or our Salmon, Beetroot and Dill treat, you can rest assured you are giving your dog a treat made from the finest and most wholesome ingredients available loaded with taste NOT chemicals!

Sound great? We thought so. Why not take a look at our complete product range?

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