22 May 2021


Keep your cool this summer with our top tips for enjoying the summer months with your canine friend.

Some breeds are more prone to suffering from heat stroke than others, and this also applies to the age of the dog. For example, a young puppy or older dog may struggle more in coping with the heat. So keeping a close eye on your dog in hot weather is important. Taking action before your dog starts to show heat discomfort is imperative as temperatures rise.


Make sure that your dog has plenty of water to drink and change the water daily. Where you position the water bowl, and choice of dish is also significant. A metal bowl, for example, left in the sun can quickly heat up so always place the bowl away from the sun and in the shade!


A children’s paddling pool can offer great cool relief and an opportunity for some playtime fun for your pooch. Adding floating toys will provide him or her with some entertainment as they take a dip to cool off and let’s face it, some great shots for your Instagram feed!


There are lots of great cooling products out on the market from cooling mats to lie on through to actual cooling coats, but you can create your own DIY version, by simply soaking an old towel in cold water, wringing out and laying out on the lawn in the shade. If your dog is hot, this is a great way for them to cool down.


If you are planning to travel with your dog during hot weather, try to travel earlier in the day. Always ensure that your dog is restrained safely and securely in the car while moving especially with the temptation of an open window! While cars with air conditioning are excellent for keeping cool, never leave your dog with the windows closed and air-con on and unattended. If the air-con fails, your car can quickly become a death trap.


If hot weather is forecast, then set your alarm a little earlier so you can walk your dog in bearable temperatures. An early morning walk in the sunshine is bliss and is so good for the soul! You’re bound to meet plenty of other dog owners out and about with the same idea, so enjoy those early morning rays and be prepared to be joined by some great company.


You might find that your dog’s appetite drops off in the heat, so feed early morning or later in the evening and if whether you feed dried or wet food, store appropriately and only bring out of cool storage at feed time to avoid the food going off or attracting flies. Our Trio Of Treats Tins come in resealable air tight tins so you can treat your dog to our fresh healthy treats all summer long.

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